Best of the Best (at least we think so)

Energetic – Committed – Inspired – Dedicated – Experts – Tribe

Do these words make you think of…the military? Absolutely!  But I am referring to the BEST-OF-THE-BESTunique world of fitness professionals – health & fitness business owners and their staff. As I sit here in this room of fitness professionals at FISA WEST, I wonder if the American public knows just how committed these folks are to making exercise and fitness FUN and motivating for everybody.

If I could find a way to capture their passion for exercise and their energy & desire to help others, I would. I would love to find a way to SHOW you how dedicated these folks are to finding what it will take to get you/us off the couch and moving. A lifestyle of movement and good health is their vision for the communities where they live. The ideas, energy, creativity, and dedication possessed by this group is absolutely inspiring. After an afternoon with this group I guarantee you would join a club, an activity, or even an event. Anything to get your body moving.

I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Palm Springs, CA to attend FISA, an invite only event for fitness professionals – aka, fitness vendors and club owners & managers. This event is customized for folks who want to improve their clubs in the effort to make the fitness experience fun and energizing.

Why do these busy professionals take the time and the expense to find new ways to connect to the America public? Because that is what it takes to connect, motivate, and findTeam Meeting the new ways to get them moving their bodies, moving towards better health. Yes, they are in the fitness business and are trying to find a way to make money but unlike other businesses, these folks CARE. They are just as committed to health & fitness as they want you to be. They are in this business because they care and they LIKE people! They want to provide jobs for folks who enjoy helping people to discover the joy of exercise and good health.

I am in awe watching this room full of people – a lot of them competitors – working together to try and discover what the newest gadget might be that will help you to get in the door and enjoy exercising.

My point in writing this? My hope is to intrigue you enough to check out the world of health and fitness (if you aren’t currently a part of it). Visit a health club in your neighborhood today! Catch the spirit! If you are a believer in fitness, then pat yourself on the back you know what I am talking about. Thanks to all of you who work hard at inspiring others to be healthy and to those of you who provide the opportunities for those of us who enjoy working in this industry. I am proud to be part of the Energetic, Committed, Inspired, Dedicated, Tribe of Experts.



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