Giving Your Clients A Voice: The Benefits of Customer Management Systems

As the owner of a gym or health club, you want to do whatever you can to stand out to your members. The little things can make a big difference in the long run, and help you promote your fitness club and be successful. One tool to do this is through a customer management software.

Giving your members the opportunity to give you feedback using customer experience software can help you go the extra mile to keep and gain clients. Here are some key information points customer management software can help fitness club owners learn:

Get to know your gym members: Are your customers mostly young people, interested in exciting new workouts? Senior citizens trying to find some light movement classes? Night owls? Earlier risers? Families? All of this information is important to know! If your members are mostly young professionals looking for exciting new workout classes, it won’t help to host yoga classes at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. Knowing who your members are will help you better serve those coming to your health club.

Keep up with trends: There’s always a new type of workout routine or fitness class that your clients might be eyeing. Maybe they wish there was a certain type of machine, or maybe they’re looking for classes on a certain subject. If you’re not in touch with them, there’s no way to know what they’re looking for. There’s no way to have your finger on the pulse of everything at once, so use surveys and other tools to keep up with trends.

Interact with your members: Everyone loves a place where they feel welcome. If your members walk through the door of your health club, and your staff is there to greet them, it makes a big difference. It makes an even bigger difference if the next time you see that client, you ask how they enjoyed that class they took or how their kids are doing. The same is true online. If you follow up with your members, you’ll be able to build connections that will entice those clients to keep coming back.

Make your clients feel heard: People don’t like yelling into a void. Instead, make sure your customers know their voices will be heard with interactive customer management system. Giving them a place for feedback where they know you’ll listen will help build that relationship for years to come.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of customer management software? The team at MXM can answer your questions. Contact our team today to get started.

Part 1: Member feedback… get what you ask for

suggestion boxLook familiar? It should. The “suggestion box” has been the Health Club Industry’s primary Member Experience Data tool for as long as we can remember.

Some health club owners use the Suggestion Box very effectively to improve their club operations.   Others use the Suggestion Box as a means to absolutely prove to the member that club management/ownership really, truly, absolutely couldn’t care less about their members.  How to treat “Member Suggestions’ will make a good subject for another Blog.  Right now I want to consider what different data collection methods deliver by means of customer experience (CE) or member experience (ME) feedback.

So we put out the Suggestion Box and wait for the member to decide that he or she has something to tell us.  What ever that “Something” is, it must be important enough to the member to stop his or her activity in the club, find the Suggestion Box, find a pen/pencil, and then take the time to describe the suggestion and the circumstances or rational associated with the suggestion.  We all have stories about the Suggestion Box; the wide range of things that can be stuffed through an envelope slot); the illegible notes written by members with hands shaking from combinations of physical exertion and emotional rage.

The Suggestion Box needn’t produce just a litany of anger (right?).  Members can be so overcome with the need to offer praise that they will stop to write something up; or a member’s epiphany can drive the need to stop everything and write up a great idea for the club to implement.

Good or Bad; Happy or Sad doesn’t matter.  The point is that by leaving your member to initiate the feedback event, the Suggestion Box tend to capture information on very specific events/issues that a specific member feels pretty strongly about ,(in NPS terms we are talking 0’s and 10’s). In addition to relying upon the member to initiate the feedback event, via the Suggestion Box, we also leave it to the member to frame the feedback.  Accordingly, each member suggestion will vary from the last, making it difficult/impossible link one members suggestion to those of other members.  There are no database tools for hand written notes.

At ClubWorks we advise our clients to retain their Suggestion Box and to pay attention to its contents.  That said, a Suggestion Box will never deliver the combined view of your membership on how well you are delivering on your Brand Promises and where you need to direct your management attention.

NOTE:  This is Part 1 of  ‘Member feedback……you get what you ask for’.  In Part 2 we’ll contrast single question (likelihood to Recommend) feedback systems with multi-question member feedback systems like MXM.